• Delay in payment of gratuity, land compensation e.t.c.
  • Non-payment of goods bought or service rendered to government department and corporate bodies.
  • Wrongful termination of appointment or dismissal
  • Difficulty in getting insurance companies to pay claims.
  • Loss of postal documents or parcel by courier companies
  • Non-issuance of appointment letter or non-adherence to the Labour Act by private companies
  • Non-refund of contributions by the National Housing Fund, and other mortgage institutions.
  • Unjust and indefinite suspension and interdiction.
  • Non- issuance of share certificate/dividend warrant or outright cheating by financial institution.
  • Non-issuance of result/certificate/ill-treatment by examination bodies, schools and higher institutions.
  • Cases outside the commission's purview are referred to the relevant agencies for the redress as well as monitor the outcome. e.t.c.



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