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Radmiz Nigeria Limited and Dokkalhairu Investments Limited lodged this complaint before the Commission on 10th September, 2019 against AMAC Investment Nigeria and Property Development Company Limited over alleged refusal to pay the sum of N65m being the amount involved in a contract the companies executed for AMAC Investment. AMAC Investment had contracted the Companies to build commercial quantity shops for them and after the completion of the job, it refused to pay the contract sum.
Although, the Respondent did not deny the allegation but in a bid to resolve the matter amicably, it was recalcitrant, hence the referral of the case to the Enforcement Unit of the Commission.
The Unit reviewed the case file and was able to established violation of the Commission’s enabling Act and therefore, instituted a Direct Criminal Complaint against the Respondent at Wuse Zone 2 Magistrate Court (see pages 79-82). The Court summoned the Respondent and at the court, it sought for settlement out of court but never showed up for settlement meetings. This necessitated the issuance of Bench Warrant to arrest the Managing Director of the Company.
In the course of executing the warrant, the MD ran to the Commission to plead for leniency and made undertaking both at Police Station and the Commission to commit to settlement of the contentious issue. He was advised to approach the Court on the adjourned date to vacate the warrant before any discussion which he did.
During the discussion both parties agreed that since the Respondent could not raise the sum involved, it will give the Complaint its equivalent in already built shops in lieu of the sum. Since the Complainant did not object to this, an agreement was sealed.


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