Hon. Abimbola Ayo Yusuf


The Public Complaints Commission is the machinery for the control of administrative excesses (non- adherence to procedures or abuse of law). It is an organ of the government set up to redress complaints lodged by aggrieved citizens or residents in Nigeria against administrative injustice.

The Commission aim at promoting social justice for the individual citizen. It is also an institution that provide a viable option for Nigerians or anyone resident in Nigeria seeking redress against injustice arising from administrative bureaucratic errors, omission or abuse by officials of government, or limited liability companies in Nigeria.

The Commission also has the role of improving public administration in the laws, procedures, practices, rules and regulations and standard behavior of officials. These are provided for in the ACT, CAP 37 LFN 2004.

The primary function of the Public Complaints Commission is to provide impartial investigation on behalf of the complainants who feel aggrieved by the action or inaction of the government or local government or private companies.

The Commission is independent of government bureaucracy and at the same time has extensive powers regarding confidentiality and access to all government information including the production of documents which can aid the Commission’s investigation, The Commission is empowered to enforce compliance in order to obtain the necessary information.

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Hon. Abimbola Ayo Yusuf

PCC Chief Commissioner promises better Welfare for Staff

The Hon. Chief Commissioner, Public Complaints Commission, Hon. Abimbola Ayo Yusuf has promised to pay more focus on Staff welfare and Productivity. He stated this at his inaugural meeting with Staff of the Commission in Abuja. Hon. Yusuf while addressing the staff promised to address challenges faced by Staff . The Chief Commissioner also said […]

Honourable Chief Commissioner, Public Complaints Commission, Barrister Chile Igbawua Paid A Working Visit To The Ondo State Office Of The Commission

As part of his tour of the South West, the Honourable Chief Commissioner, Public Complaints Commission, Barrister Chile Igbawua paid a working visit to the Ondo state office of the commission on Friday, 7th May, 2021. The Honourable Federal Commissioner, PCC Ondo State, Hon (Mrs) Cecilia Ifayase while welcoming the Chief Commissioner expressed gratitude for […]

Hon. Chille Wanger Igbawua (Chief Commissioner)


MESSAGE FROM THE CHIEF PUBLIC COMPLAINTS COMMISSIONER AND OMBUDSMAN OF THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA Women have and continue to make immense contributions towards the development and impact of ombudsman and related oversight institutions. The first International Ombud Expo, which I had the honour to host in Abuja in October 2019, included a special event […]

Public Complaints Commission Honours Past Secretaries

The Honourable Chief Commissioner of the Public Complaints Commission, Hon.Chille W. Igbawua has commended the efforts of the past Secretaries of the Commission in ensuring the growth of the Ombudsman institution in Nigeria. He gave the commendation at a Send- Forth dinner organized at Rockview Hotel for