• To investigate and conduct research in MDA’s, private companies and officials of these bodies.
  • To investigate administrative procedures of any court of law in Nigeria.
  • To report crimes in the course or after investigation
  • To report any erring officer for disciplinary action.
  • To interpret policies of government and advice government and companies
  • To make public reports after investigations.
  • To have access to all information
  • To make recommendations especially after pro-active investigation.



1. The primary function of the Public Complaints Commission is to provide impartial investigation on behalf of the complainants who feel aggrieved by the action or inaction of the government or local government or private companies.

2. The Investigation activities of the Commission are carried out under two broad Departments namely: Public Sector and Private Sector. For easy collection, collation and analysis of data generated in course of Investigation activities, each of the Department is further broken down into three divisions and they are as follows:
i. Public Sector Investigation Department comprises:

  • Ministries, Department and Agencies (MDA’s)
  • Pension (Old and New)
  • Educational Institutions.

ii. Private Sector Investigation Department comprises:

  • Private Companies
  • Banking and Financial Institutions and
  • Communities.

3. The Commission is independent of government bureaucracy and at the same time has extensive powers regarding confidentiality and access to all government information including the production of documents which aid the commission empowered to enforce compliance in order to obtain the necessary information. This power is vital to the Commission in facilitating impartial investigation in order to arrive at a fair and equitable decision.

4. Investigation of all complaints are provided at no cost to both the complainant and respondent i.e. citizen and non – citizen resident in the country and their complaints are treated with the confidentiality they deserve. The commission has enabled it staff to handle all complaints speedily.