February 24 2019 0Comment
Hon. Chille Wanger Igbawua (Chief Commissioner)

Ombudsman Pledges To Treat All Complaints

The newly appointed Chief Commissioner of the Public Complaints Commission, Chille Igbawua said the agency will win back the trust of the people by ensuring that all complaints brought before it are treated with fairness.

Speaking yesterday in Abuja during his maiden press briefing, Igbawua said his regime would correct past shortcomings of the commission.

On the issue of ignorance to summons, Igbawua lamented that if other leaders of the commission were lenient, his leadership will not be lenient with people who do not respond to summons by the commission.

He stated that the act establishing the commission gave it powers to summon anyone reported and to prosecute anyone, who fails to respond to summons, hence he would invoke the powers of the commission to deliver justice.


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