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The Honourable Chief Commissioner, Public Complaints Commission, Hon. Abimbola Ayo-Yusuf has sought the effective collaboration with the Ombudsman of Venezuela.

The Honourable Chief Commissioner who was ably represented by the Secretary to the Commission, Mr Philip Enyali on Friday received the venezuelan Ombudsman, Mr Alfredo Ruiz in his Office in Abuja.

The Secretary told the visiting Ombudsman from Venezuela that
“he had the mandate of the Hon. Chief Commissioner to request for synergy between both Agencies in terms of Exchange of training programs”.

The Secretary to the Commission explained the Mandate and structure of the Commission stating that it has offices in all States and in over 200 Local Government Areas in the country.

Mr Enyali further disclosed that the Commission has recently created an Enforcement Unit to enforce compliance with its requests and recommendations.

Earlier, the Venezuelan Ombudsman, Mr Alfredo Ruiz thanked his host for receiving him and his team while promising to partner with the Commission in order to achieve great goals.

Mr Alfredo said they were in Nigeria to compare notes and study the operations of the Nigerian Ombudsman as it will help in improving both institutions.

Mr Alfredo Ruiz also said the mandate of the Venezuelan Ombudsman is similar to that of the PCC only that theirs also have the role of protection of Human Rights .

Highlights of the visit were interactive sessions and presentation of the Commission literatures to the visiting Ombudsman.


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