The Public Complaints Commission holds great promises for the common man in this country. In fact the operation of the Commission is unique as a quasi-judicial institution providing a friendly atmosphere for achieving substantial justice among the citizenry.

Sokoto office of the Commission is now well position with necessary guiders to address issues of administrative wrong doing in order to ensure social justice and to achieve peace and tranquility for the development of our society and well being of our people particularly the common man.

To this effect the momentum so far generated in the performance of our primary responsibility has been enhance by:-

  • Full implementation and compliance with the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) provided by the Headquarters,
  • Early implementation of 2019 work plan
  • Target set for every Investigation officer on pro-active cases within the year
  • Group follow up visits twice a week,
  • Formation of Monitoring and Evaluation committee,
  • Production of flyers in English, Hausa and in Arabic script popularly known as Ajami,
  • Erection of three (3) bigger sign board at different locations and smaller ones at the zonal offices.



State Office Address

 No. 1 B Kaduna Road
P.M.B 2328


PHONE: 09154494456, 08162724605



Yabo Area Office
Yabo Local Government

Sokoto South Area Office
Sokoto south Local Government

Tangaza Area Office
Tangaza Local Government

Gwadabawa Area Office
Gwadabawa Local Government

Wurno Area Office
Wurno Local Government