Atsenokhai Aloy

Today, I want to celebrate the Public Complaints Commission for effectively addressing a complaint I made against Dana Air. In December 2020, I was due to travel to Lagos to attend an event. The flight was scheduled for Friday evening. Due to incessant delays without any explanations, I and other passengers had to sleep in the airport till the next morning. The next morning, a flight landed and the rush was like a scene in a bus top.
Later the next day, Dana sent an email apology and committed to giving me a free ticket on my next trip as compensation for the harrowing experience. This seem like a fair deal. Sometime last year, I was due to travel to Lagos again and I approached Dana for this ticket. I was told that the offer period had ended and there was nothing they could do.
I explained to the lady that the email sent to me on this free ticket didn’t carry a deadline. All attempts to explain fell on deaf ears and at that point, I decided to do that which I believe is my legitimate right. I wrote a petition to the Public Complaints Commission detailing all that transpired and attached all necessary evidence.
To cut a long story short, Dana called to apologize and eventually issued me that free ticket some weeks ago. An officer from the Public Complaints Commission also called me to verify if the free ticket had been issued to me. I was elated that a public officer could follow up which such uncommon courtesy.
I am sharing this story here to encourage us all not to accept the shorter end of the stick. If you feel your rights have been violated, approach the relevant government agency. Sometimes, these agencies appear dormant because we the citizens are not even engaging them enough.
Kudos to whoever is currently in charge of the Public Complaints Commission. I celebrate you and encourage you to keep it up. Public Complaints Commission, Maitama, Abuja .