F. N. Emmanuel

Quality-TestimonialsYour Quick Intervention Saved Our Lives I write to thank you on behalf of Mrs. Margaret Ugonji, the widow from Obilohia, Umuobiala community in Isuikwuato LGA of Abia State, whose son Okechukwu petitioned your office via SMS on Thursday evening 29th July 2010 to rescue them from two odious persons who wanted to kill them because of their land. This widow had in the past three years been subjected to the worst mental and physical torture perpetrated by one Mr. Bob Onoka and his younger Brother, Victor who parades himself as a lawyer for refusing to surrender her house and piece of land her late husband left for her and her children, to them. By sending your officer in Umuahia to quickly inform the Commissioner of Police, Abia State command, to stop this Bob and his brother from forcefully burying their dead sister on this poor widows land, you averted bloodshed and massive mayhem that would have put Abia on the news again as a criminal jungle.

Your officer Mr.EmekaOnyegbule and the Police Officers from the Isuikwuato PoliceDivision arrived at a time Bob and his brother Victor had mobilized hired Assassins who had already surrounded the house to eliminate us. Your officer is in a better position to report what he himself and the Police Officers with him witnessed. The level of criminal impunity in Abia State is unprecedented in the history of Nigeria and is perpetrated by those who are supposed to protect the weak and the defenceless in the Society like Victor Onoka who is a lawyer by profession. Words are not enough to express our gratitude for your quick intervention to the SOS message sent to you by Mr.OkechukwuUgonji, the son of the widow.

May God’s blessing continue with you for the good work you are doing.

F. N. Emmanuel Abia State


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