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NULGE Ilesha East Applauds Public Complaints Commission, Osun State for Relief from Crippling 450 Million Naira Debt

The Nigerian Union of Local Government Employees (NULGE), Ilesha East branch, recently held a ceremony overflowing with gratitude to acknowledge the Public Complaints Commission (PCC), Osun State, for their instrumental role in alleviating the branch’s significant debt burden.

On May 16th, 2024, at the PCC’s State Headquarters, NULGE leadership expressed their sincere appreciation for the Commission’s assistance in resolving a long-standing debt issue that had burdened the union since 2012. The debt, which had accumulated to a staggering 450 million naira due to unforeseen circumstances, including the passing of some members and economic hardship that caused loan repayment delays, was finally written off after a successful full and final settlement negotiated through the PCC’s mediation.

In recognition of their invaluable contributions, NULGE presented the PCC with a certificate of appreciation. Additionally, Osagie Michael Ayokunle, Damilare Fredrick Ayeni, and Kayode Adeyemo were honored with merit and appreciation awards for their unwavering dedication and crucial efforts in resolving the debt crisis.

The NULGE leadership extended their heartfelt gratitude to the Honorable Federal Commissioner, Soji Asolo, and the entire PCC management staff for their instrumental role in achieving this positive outcome. Commissioner Asolo, who was represented by the Director of Investigation, Mr. Mewase Vincent, commended the team, calling them the “star performers” of the commission, highlighting their dedication and effectiveness.

This ceremony serves as a shining example of the power of collaboration. It underscores the Public Complaints Commission’s unwavering commitment to resolving public grievances, advocating for fair solutions, and ultimately achieving positive outcomes for all parties involved.


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