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The Lagos State Office of the Public Complaints Commission held leadership training for its management staff and supervisors.

The training took place on Thursday, October 20, 2022, at the Commission’s conference room and was facilitated by the Director of Investigation, Mr. M. S. Oladipo.

During his presentation, Mr. Oladipo identified different leadership styles, which include autocratic, laissez-faire, democratic, transformational and transactional.

The facilitator took the participants through the qualities a leader must possess to judiciously handle his duties and subordinates, which include: strong desire for responsibility and task completion, vigorous persistence in pursuit of goals, originality in solving problems, self-confidence, influencing the behaviour of others, building relationship and teams, integrity, taking responsibility for decisions, and others, to be able to effectively execute an organisation’s vision and mandate.

In his words, he said “Leadership is very important in any organisation to avoid confusion. And with the realisation of this, PCC has established an effective organogram to meet the needs of the public and the staff.”

The Director urged all participants to groom themselves with the leadership skills needed to be relevant and effective in the commission, such as communication skills, problem-solving skills, delegation and organisational skills.

In addition, he identified the following as the leadership challenges faced in the workplace: the need to meet organisational goals, developing others, resistance to responding to new ideas or changes in the organisation, communication breakdown, conflict resolution, dealing with difficult employees and taking difficult decisions.

Similarly, the facilitator made the following recommendations in order to overcome the challenges: delegation of authority, synergy, encouragement of subordinates, effective communication among others.

He concluded the presentation with a statement made by John Maxwell thus: “a leader knows the way, goes the way and shows the way” and encouraged the participants to make the statement their watchword, as this will go a long way to help them perform effectively in the workplace.

He further clarified questions from participants.

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